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West Chung Tour of FM Business Unit Managers and Stepping Business Unit Managers of Maintex Intelligent Control Group Building Activities

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Thousands of people work together, then you have the strength of a thousand people;

If ten thousand people are dissatisfied, there is no one.

-"Huainanzi · Strategy Training"

The so-called team building is to enhance the cohesion of team members and allow members to continuously communicate and cooperate in team building. Adhering to the core culture of caring, pragmatism, innovation and enterprising, Zhengde Zhikong regularly provides opportunities for relaxation and learning and communication for the service center teams. A few days ago, the managers of Zhengde Intelligent Control FM Division and the managers of Stepping Division started the journey of the first team building activity in Xiyong in 2020 in a unique form.


You Xiyong, Zhengde Zhikong's family members reasonably arranged the tasks of team building based on each person's expertise, making a simple team building activity more involved and reflecting the team's cooperation and cooperation during work. The importance of support. In addition to tasting the delicious food and enjoying the cultural landscape of Xiyong, the joy of the journey has become a precious memory, and the tacit understanding between the teams is more prominent.

The buddies temporarily put down their busy work, relax their tired mood, and come to an interesting and meaningful team building activity to enhance team cohesion and better meet challenges and achieve goals.


During the team building activities, the family members of Zhengde Zhikong first came to the beautiful Xiyong Beach, which is full of mountains and seas and unrivalled scenery. It is a paradise in Shenzhen.


After the outdoor group building event, everyone tasted barbecue food together, talked and laughed in the delicious, and gathered together to chat and play small games. Several newly recruited partners have said that this outdoor team building activity not only allows them to integrate into the team faster and better, but also strengthens the collective sense of honor and teamwork spirit. Such a team building activity hopes to be able to do so in the future. Do more.


Finally, the team building activities of the managers of Zhengde Intelligent Control FM Business Department and the managers of Stepping Business Department in Xiyong Tour ended successfully in their happy atmosphere.


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