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When the crisis is turned into opportunity, MAINTEX "regained a new life"

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See Shenzhen Client, Shenzhen News Network April 27 (see Shenzhen Client, Shenzhen News Network reporter Zhang Fan correspondent Wang Yilong) "When most industries are affected by the epidemic, our Zhengde Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. During the same period, the order volume increased by 15% to 20%. "" Our company has experienced ups and downs from 'no layoffs' to 'expansion of enrollment', and is now being reborn. "

Since the outbreak, enterprises have faced unprecedented pressures, difficulties in recruiting workers, procurement, and prevention and control. Pingdi Street of Longgang District took the initiative to act and rely on the front service, fully assisting enterprises to adjust their business direction, seeking business opportunities, etc., seeking innovation and progress through change, and tackling difficulties with enterprises.

With the resumption of production and production of batches of enterprises, the industry chain has been broken through, and the previous problems are being solved. "The epidemic has caused some industries to encounter development bottlenecks and has also caused some industries to face blowout growth."

Crisis-seeking opportunities are developing well

In Pingdi, Shenzhen MAINTEX Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. was one of the earliest enterprises to achieve resumption of production and production. With the precipitation in the industry, when most industries were affected by the epidemic, MAINTEX increased by 15 compared with the same period last year. % To 20% of order volume.

The reporter learned that MAINTEX, an innovative technology company with independent intellectual property rights, as a “double-high” enterprise, has achieved good results in new fields such as import substitution and micro-motor applications, mainly for Smart security, smart home, smart transportation, new energy vehicles, communication equipment, new retail, precision medical and other high-end smart equipment provide motor products and solutions.

"In this epidemic, the demand for surveillance equipment has increased rapidly in many places, such as hospitals, communities, and even households. In addition, because of the epidemic, everyone dare not go out, and the demand for household appliances, such as treadmills, has grown very much. Obviously, the same is true for some small household electrical appliances. Before this general consumer group may be based on the family, then now this consumption habit may gradually be transferred to individuals. "Shenzhen MAINTEX Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. Huang Jiageng, the company's sales director, said.

MAINTEX can successfully resume production and production. In addition to its own efforts in reasonable layout and sufficient orders, the support given by the government has also made the process even more powerful.

"A big problem we faced in February was the shortage of workers. This piece of government helped us think of many ways. Pingdi Street uses the Pingdi online platform to bring benefits to enterprises through online recruitment, but also The recruitment method has also provided a lot of help to the enterprise. The Pingdi Chamber of Commerce has helped the enterprise to find sufficient epidemic protection materials. "


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