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BLDC-DW-001 Brushless Motor

Product Description

BLDC-DW-001 brushless motor is a type of Brushless DC Motor.
The brushless DC motor consists of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic product. The driver is composed of power electronics and integrated circuits, and its functions are: receiving start, stop, and brake signals of the motor to control start, stop, and brake of the motor; accepting position sensor signals and forward and reverse signals for controlling the inverse The power bridges of the variable bridges are turned on and off to generate continuous torque; the speed command and the speed feedback signal are accepted to control and adjust the speed; provide protection and display, etc.

BLDC-DW-001 Brushless Motor Parameters

BLDC-DW-001 for Garbage ProcessorVoltage220VAC
No-load   Current0.5A
No-load Speed4000rpm
Rated Torque0.9N·m
Rated Current3A
Rated Speed3500rpm
Rated Power350W
Peak Power500W
Operating   Temperature-20~120°C

Applications of Brushless motor
• Drone
• Treadmill
• Fascia guns
• Electric massagers
• Air conditioners
• Robot vacuum cleaner
• Power reclining sofas
• Juicer
• Dishwashers
• Washing machines
• Fan
• Small home appliances
• Chain saws
• Trimmers
• Leaf blowers
• Hedgetrimmer
• Lawn mowers
• Secateurs
• Olive shaker
• Pole pruner
• Concrete cutter
• Metal cuter
• Circular saw
• Angle grinder
• Components
• Snow Thrower
• Mulcher
• Grass Cutter
• Lown Mower
• Electric Chain Saw
• Robots


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