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FM-165K-7PL1-CF Carbon Brush Motor

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Product Description

FM-165K-7PL1-CF Carbon Brush Motor is a type of Carbon Brush motor.
Carbon Brush Motor is a rotary electric machine that includes a brush device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (electric motor) or converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator). Brushed motor is the basis of all motors. It has the characteristics of quick start, timely braking, smooth speed regulation in a wide range, and relatively simple control circuit.

FM-165K-7PL1-CF Carbon Brush Motor Parameters

No-load Current
No-load Speed
Rated Torque
Load Current
Load Speed

Applications of Carbon Brush Motor
• Electric toothbrush
• Electric toys
• Electric tools
• Electric callus removers
• Robot vacuum cleaner
• Automobile electric components
• Small home appliances
• Treadmill
• Medical - Powered surgical instruments, Dental hand tools, Infusion, Volumetric & Insulin Pumps, Diagnostic & scanning equipment
• Security & Access - Security cameras, Locks, Bar code readers, Paging systems
• Aerospace & Defense - Cockpit gauge, Indicators, Satellites, Optical scanners
• Robotics & Factory Automation - Conveyors, Remote controlled vehicles, Industrial robots
• Power Hand Tools - Shears, Pruning hand tools, Nail guns
• Office equipment
• Semiconductors
• Model railways
• Document handling equipment
• Optics equipment
• Automotive
• Transportation equipment
• Audio & video equipment
• Medical Analyzers
• Infusion Pumps
• Electronic Assembly Surface Mount Equipment - Electronic assembly, Robotics and Automated machinery equipment and Pick and place machinery

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