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FRP lndustrial Exhaust Fan

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FRP mould negative pressure fan is a kind of exhaust fan, because the task principle is to use the physical principle of negative pressure ventilation and air convection to force air to cool the circulating air, so it is called negative pressure fan. At present, ventilation and cooling is the best choice.


1. DC frequency conversion brushless motor, energy saving,

2. Low investment and low energy consumption. With the same refrigeration rate, one-time investment is about one-sixth of air conditioning, and operation cost is about one-tenth of air conditioning.

3. High air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life and high efficiency.

4. The cooling effect is remarkable. It can reduce the temperature to about 28 degrees, which is consistent with the human body temperature.

5. The air is fresh and humid. Air cleanliness can reach 99%.


1. The negative pressure fan is installed on the window sill of the workshop to extract the low temperature, muggy heat, smoke, dust and other gases in the workshop. At the same time, new air is introduced to make the whole workshop air circulate.

2. Practical Scale of Negative Pressure Fan

A. Applicable to low temperature or odor workshop and chemical plant.

B. Applicable to rest-intensive enterprises.

C. Horticultural greenhouse greenhouse ventilation cooling, livestock farm cooling.

D. It is especially useful in situations where the temperature should be lowered and the humidity must be affirmed. Such as cotton mill, wool mill, linen mill, weaving mill, chemical fiber mill, warp knitting mill, elasticity factory, knitting mill, silk mill, sock factory and other textile factories.

E. Suitable for all occasions requiring ventilation and ventilation.

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