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The Difference Between Treadmill DC Motor and Treadmill AC Motor

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The electric treadmill is a common exercise equipment in the gym and the family. It is driven by a motor to make the running or walking passively at different speeds. The motor used in the electric treadmill has a Dc motor and an AC motor. Which of the two treadmills is better? What is the difference?

At present, household electric running on the market is a DC motor, but the DC motor is not as durable and safe as the AC motor, which means that the future market exchange treadmill will be the dominant. If the commercial electric run is running continuously in the club for a long time, then you must buy an exchange treadmill. AC motor runs with frequency converter, while DC does not use inverter. At present, household electric running on the market is DC motor. DC motor is not as durable as AC motor, and DC motor cost ratio.

The difference between treadmill DC motor and AC motor

Treadmill DC Motor:

1. National implementation standards: DC motor life of 2000 hours

2. DC motor carbon brush has a service life of 500 hours and needs to be replaced once.

3. Continuous use of DC motor will cause carbon brush to generate carbon deposit and leak easily.

4. The continuous use of DC motor for too long will result in: a. generating large current, the motor is hot, and even burning the power board; b. easy to generate overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown

Treadmill AC Motor:

1. The AC motor is equipped with a frequency converter and has an error display window. It will automatically detect the fault and display the corresponding code. Any problem will be clear at a glance.

2. Compared with DC motors, the equivalent number of AC motors will output more power than DC motors.

3. The AC motor does not have a carbon brush, so it does not produce the drawbacks of the DC motor.

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