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Geared Stepper Motor

35BYJ412-014 Geared Stepper Motor

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Drawing of 35BYJ412-014 Reduction Stepper Motor

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35BYJ412-014 Reduction Stepper Motor Parameters

35BYJ412-014Rated Voltage24VDC
Reduction   Ratio1/42.5
Steo Angle3.5°
Exciting   Method1-2
Direct-current   Resistance600Ω±10%(25°C)
No-load   pull-in Frequency≥300Hz
No-load   pull-out Frequency≥500Hz
pull-in Torque≥150mN.m(12VDC.400Hz)
Detent Torque≥100mN.m
Insulation   Resistance≥50MΩ 500VDC
Dielectric   Strenght600VAC(min)
Insulation   ClassB
Friction   Torque60-294mN.m
Terminal Sec5P*2.5

Applications of Stepper Motor

• 3D printing equipment
• Barrier gate
• Printing presses
• Automatic toilet seat cover
• Electric tailgate
• Nano sprayer
• Vending machines
• Aircraft – In the aircraft industry, stepper motors are used in aircraft instrumentations, antenna and sensing applications, and equipment scanning
• Automotive – The automotive industry implements stepper motors for applications concerning cruise control, sensing devices, and cameras. The military also utilizes stepper motors in their application of positioning antennas
• Chemical – The chemical industry makes use of stepper motors for mixing and sampling of materials. They also utilize stepper motor controllers with single and multi-axis stepper motors for equipment testing
• Consumer Electronics and Office Equipment – In the consumer electronics industry, stepper motors are widely used in digital cameras for focus and zoom functionality features. In office equipment, stepper motors are implemented in PC-based scanning equipment, data storage drives, optical disk drive driving mechanisms, printers, and scanners
• Gaming – In the gaming industry, stepper motors are widely used in applications like slot and lottery machines, wheel spinners, and even card shufflers
• Industrial – In the industrial industry, stepper motors are used in automotive gauges, machine tooling with single and multi-axis stepper motor controllers, and retrofit kits which make use of stepper motor controllers as well. Stepper motors can also be found in CNC machine control
• Medical – In the medical industry, stepper motors are utilized in medical scanners, microscopic or nanoscopic motion control of automated devices, dispensing pumps, and chromatograph auto-injectors. Stepper motors are also found inside digital dental photography (X-RAY), fluid pumps, respirators, and blood analysis machinery, centrifuge
• Scientific Instruments –Scientific equipment implement stepper motors in the positioning of an observatory telescope, spectrographs, and centrifuge
• Surveillance Systems – Stepper motors are used in camera surveillance

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